hello friends my laptop died and i did not back up my tota rom or save file. good night sweet prince

i set luke’s movement to the d-pad instead of the analog sticks and forgot that center shortcut is mapped to d-pad^ so whenever luke moves up or jumps guy shouts “oh! wakatta!” and uses center and honestly i might just keep it this way

got my ps3 controller to work with psx

from “anise gets things done”

TEAR: How did Ion and Natalia come to be captured, anyway?

ANISE: Um, well, Asch was going to bring us all back home, so first he stopped at Daath for me and Ion, but then we heard that a war was about to start, and…

JADE: Natalia asked Ion to issue an official edict. They were apparently taken when they tried to enter the cathedral.

GUY: Apparently…? Weren’t you with them?

JADE: No, I was working on repairing the Tartarus’ ability to travel on land.

was asch planning on some alone time with natalia

i live a life of being permanently stuck somewhere in a tales game

hello friends

most of my tomo yo are busy so i have opened up abyss

let’s see how long this can go before my laptop starts crying